Sunday, 16 December 2018

A Short Walk Through Bradford. A Journey in Monoprints. This is a selection of mono prints from the recently published book of the same name. As Wendy Frith asks in her introduction "who would want to walk through Bradford let alone make art about it?" Well this book of images give an answer of sorts.


By Martin Hearne 

With an introduction by Wendy Frith

A 60 page A5 soft-back with 50 illustrations based on Bradford City in an edition of 300. All copies numbered and signed.

This is a book about a walk through Bradford. “Why on earth would anybody want to walk through Bradford, let alone produce art about it???” asks Wendy Firth in her introduction. Well the 50 illustrations that follow give an answer of sorts, without reaching a conclusive interpretation. It’s a view that asks as many questions as it answers and one that shows with a critical eye the myriad relationships that occur between the artist, the city and what is represented.

The book is available from: 
Water Street Gallery. Water Street, Todmorden.

Hebden Bridge Bookcase. Hebden Bridge.

Sunny Bank Mill. Farsley.

Bingley Gallery. Bingley.  





some new paintings

The Match (Last Night Of The Blue Ocean)  o/c. 280cm x 250cm.

The Agent.  o/c. 250cm x 180cm.

Bradford Disney. (study)  o/c.  50cm x 30cm 

Bradford Disney.  o/c. 100cm x 100cm.
Ziggurat. o/c. 100cm x 100cm.

Late Evening o/c. 100 x 80cm

Classical Facade. o/c. 70cm x 50cm.

City Centre. (Bus Stop). o/c. 80cm x 60cm.

Bus Station.  o/c. 100cm x 80cm.

Cloth House Manningham.  o/c. 120cm x 100cm.

Suburban Scene Bradford.  o/c. 100cm x 80cm.

Manningham Study.  Gouache.  50cm x 30cm. 

Street Corner Manningham.  o/c. 100cm x 80cm.

The Hoarding.  o/c. 100cm x 80cm.

Bradford Disney.  o/c. 100cm x 100cm.

People in the Street. Bradford

A selection of paintings from an ongoing series of people on the streets of Bradford. 





Monday, 10 October 2016

Water Street gallery Exhibition

I'm showing some small works in the Winter Exhibition at the Water Street Gallery in Todmorden. OL14 5AB which opens on the 10th November. Check out the gallery with the link below.

Winter Exhibitions‘Small Works’ + ‘Micro Art’
10 November – 31 January

    Wednesday, 18 May 2016

    A Couple of Large Paintings

    Here are a couple of larger works from a new group of paintings that have been finished over the winter.

    Tavern Lumb Lane o/c (235 x 250 cm)  2016

     studio pic of Tavern in progress

    City Geometry  o/c  (240 x 230cm) 2015


                                                o/c  (110 x 90 cm) 2017

                                                  Consumer colour in Manningham, Bradford.
                                                  A cloth house and jewellery shop.